Welcome to Tribal Dr


I had an opportunity to get in touch with Dr.P.Sahadeva Raju (Alias Ram Babu) few months back. He belongs to Tribal family. He hails from Gandhasiri village in Khammam district of A.P State.

Dr.P.Sahadeva Raju possesses excellent knowledge on herbal medicines. It is really superb. He is also Tribal Chief of Adivasi herbal Medical Practitioner. He identifies the chronic diseases with the touch of the pulse which is equal to that of scan reports. It is really a gift provided by Goddess Kanaga Durga to Adivasies who have total belief in her. I heard from several persons that the medicine administered by him worked wonders and their health was brought to normal stage. Although, they obtained costly alopathy treatment for several years, there were no results.

I am happy to express that the medicines prepared by him for a chronic diseases like high BP, high blood sugar, Ortho problems and stomach disorders to wonders although it appeared as a cheap powder only. All the medicines are prepared from the herbs identified by him in the hills. His knowledge in identifying the correct herbal medicine for chronic diseases really excellent and could not be measured in any way.

I wish him all success.

Under Secretary to Govt., (UG)