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This is to Certify that Mr.P.Sahadeva Raju ( Alias ) Ram Babu, Tribal Chief of Adivasi who resides in Gandhasiri village, Via Mndi Gonda, Khammam district. Andhra Pradesh – 507 158 is a trained person in Herbal Medicines. He is administering this treatment with Herbal Medicines here at Coimbatore along with his group members for more than one year. Lot of people started going to him for their consultation and treatments.

Mr.P.Sahadeva Raju who is the Chief of Adivasi is a very simple person with good heart, very kind, gentle and social. Patients can easily approach him. He easily mingles with people and learns the local languages, people feel very confident when they hear the correct diognosis. He administers simple herbal medicines, which do not affect the people in general. He prepares the medicines in his residence itself with the help of sishyas. People are cured from Cold, Asthma, Leg Pains, Stomach problem and various other diseases.

The overwhelming experience felt by many of us who took the treatment from Guruji ( Mr. Sahadevaraj) is very satisfactory. He is very pius sincere and God fearing and always wears a pleasant smile which in very essential for a physician. I feel he has rendered incalculable service to the poor and needy. He is very tactful and shrewed in his treatment and has dedicated himself for the welfare of the sick people.

He has done a tremendous service to the people in curing the diseases of the people. The people who work along with him are good and cooperative and they too imitate Gurujis good qualities. I wish Mr.Sahadevaraj and his group success and God’s blessings in their service to the mankind.

With Best Wishes

Superior General
Presentation Convent